Agricultural Machinery

As we now live in Shropshire, we are in agricultural land. I learnt recently that in Ludlow there is a manufacturer of agricultural machinery. As a child, like many young boys I guess, I was interested in tractors and the like. I still remember building technical lego Tractors. Now I thought I might try my luck at designing some Agricultural Machinery; these are speculative designs. Who knows, I might get a chance to show them these ideas…

Spreader – Note the use of composite arms. The tank is made as a blow moulding or rotational moulding rather than the steel fabrication that is normally used.
Spreader side view

Spreader with central cab

Forward cab Spreader. The “Arms” are made of composite. The design aims to integrate the tank into the form of the vehicle.

This version with a forward cab is an intermediate design.

The Multitask is a smaller vehicle. It has the spreader arms integrated into the body design. The complete unit on the rear is removable. The aim of this smaller vehicle is to allow spreading to take place in smaller holdings, enter through small lanes and enter through smaller gates.

Multitask vehicle side view.

The complete spreading unit is removable, allowing the vehicle to change purpose and become a pickup truck.

The Multitask allows for the investment in a specialist vehicle to be spread and for the machine to be like a “Swiss Army Knife”.

Compact Combine Harvester. Following the design principle of making smaller Agricultural machinery, I looked at how to approach a combine harvester. Most now offer part tracked solutions. It seems a natural progression to make the machine fully tracked.
Combine harvester and Multitask Truck

Combine Harvester

Combine and Truck