Tilting Quad

One of the conclusions I drew from the considerable research and development + Engineering of the two tilting trike projects (below this quad) was that there seemed to be a significant desire for a more conventional set up. Although trikes were interesting and pose some advantages in terms of mechanical simplicity, their inherent lack of stability (or more pertinently) the perception of instability made these projects less likely to appeal to a broad audience. The Quad below is a partial answer to this and other lessons learnt.

This machine would have the option of either internal combustion or electric power with a tandem configuration (one person in front and one behind) with motive power at the rear. Full independent suspension and rear wheel drive. It should potentially be a fun and compact machine.


Tilting Trikes

Two working tilting trike prototypes – One human powered and one Petrol – Electric hybrid powered. Proving an engineering principle and learning a lot along the way.

The human powered trike, was conceived to be both pedal powered and and with electric assistance at about the turn of the century. However, the technology available at the time in terms of motors and batteries was considerably less advanced if compared to that of today.

Wooden Moke – Re-Moke

As a child in Colombia, I grew up with us owning an original Morris Mini Moke. It therefore holds a special association. I was thinking of new materials to build a car from, as one of the persistent issues with the proposal of making new cars is that conventional production processes use considerable quantities of energy. It seemed logical to consider wood and bamboo as raw materials to make a car. The simplicity of the Moke in terms of the sheet steel construction of the original lent itself almost perfectly to production using sheet and other wood production methods. This will become a project to develop and investigate further.

A Concept Mini Moke – Updated with Electric power and Wooden construction
A Concept Mini Moke – Updated with Electric power and Wooden construction
On the beach..

The Remoke would feature electric motors front and rear, with batteries placed in the outrigger structure. The car would also feature hydrolastic suspension as found on minis, the Metro and MGF, which is an interconnected suspension system. The rear suspension would be by double wishbones as would the front suspension. The interior would borrow some detailing from marine projects that I have done, including the teak effect flooring and bootlid. The whole vehicle would be made using bamboo and balsa wood.

Tilting Alfa Romeo Saloon

After having developed a number of more unusual looking tilting vehicles, I thought it might be interesting to explore designing a more conventional car. It still would have the same tilting into corners suspension system. Arguably, Alfa Romeo is not the most likely brand to have this type of suspension, but it was a bit of fun.

This design would be four wheel drive with electric power, which is part of the reason it has solar panels in the roof. Although these would not significantly alter the range of the vehicle, it would help with ancillary items, such as fans, secondary lights and entertainment.

Concept for a tilting Alfa Romeo 2 door sports saloon

New Citroen DS

In 2012, I was asked to pitch for a concept design for a client that thought it would be interesting to revisit the Citroen DS. The idea being to use the mechanical and suspension components of the Citroen C6. Although the idea came to nothing, I was intrigued enough by the concept to develop the design a little bit further.

Citroen DS design proposal
Citroen DS Design Proposal

Rescue vehicle

25 or so years ago, I designed a Fire and rescue vehicle. The concept was for a rapid response vehicle, not necessarily a fire engine in the traditional sense. It was intended to have good off-road capabilities and a good turn of speed. Recently, I revisited the concept with a 3d model that retains many of the same details and proportions with a few changes too. Some of the features worthy of note are the interchangeable ends to the articulated arm, allowing this to become a versatile machine; the ends include grippers, an excavator, giant shears, pneumatic drills and a platform.

Motor Homes

Having worked for Motor Home manufacturer Autosleeper, I have some experience designing motorhomes.

In 2013 I made a proposal to motor home manufacturer Romahome of the Isle of Wight. They were pitching to Russian commercial vehicle manufacturer GAZ. below are some images from this design.

Maserati Design Proposal

I graduated from Coventry University 30 years ago this year. I have for the most part made my living as a Yacht Designer, although I have done a wide variety of projects ranging from product design, bikes and trikes, motorhomes etc. However, I have always been a bit of a car nut. However, I had not designed a proper sports/super car since I was at university. This last weekend I decided I should do something about that. So, as a celebration of 30 years and as a bit of a personal challenge, I designed this Maserati. I feel that Maserati has been somewhat in the shadow of Ferrari since both have been part of the FIAT group. Now Ferrari is going it’s own way, I think that it might be a chance to look at Maserati as a competitor not the brand that gets the hand-me-downs. I realise that this design does have elements of many supercars, including a number of Ferraris, I do not apologise about it, this is a design that I think is pretty. I hope some of you do too. It is inspired by Maseratis designed by Giorgetto Guigaro in the 1970’s, which frankly I think were some of the prettiest cars by the Marque. Would it be electric? No, though it could be, I guess. But I think this should have a mid-mounted V8, perhaps a turbo/supercharged V6.

Does it have pop-up lights? Those are not legal any longer, are they? Well, in this case it doesn’t, it has eyelids, they slide up. So, maintaining the look of pop-ups, but without the pedestrian collision issues.

Maserati Design Proposal
Maserati Design Proposal
Maserati Design Proposal
Maserati Design Proposal
Maserati Design Proposal
Maserati Design Proposal

Updated Beachcomber

The Carib, is an update on a design that I did a while back. This time the car borrows inspiration from the Mini Moke, but is a modern interpretation. With bigger wheels, softer forms and again a new way of being built. Made using modern composites of flax fibre and bio-epoxy plus balsa wood cores, although bamboo fibre might also make sense. Motive power could be electric (allowing it to be 4 wheel drive), but perhaps more unusual is to have a more conventional internal combustion engine, but powered by hydrogen. Another option that I am considering is using compressed air and a rotary motor driven by the compressed air. It is one of several avenues that I hope to research.

Carib with alloys

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