Going off the beaten track

I have worked for a Motorhome company in the past and have made a number of other designs for another motorhome company. Although I love designing yachts, I occasionally go back to designing recreational vehicles.
I have long felt there was a gap in the market for an offload motorhome. So, I decided to make a design for a really insane off-road motorhome. Based on a military Volvo Chassis, it really is intended to be the ultimate go-anywhere travel machine. Meet the Aconcagua, named after the highest peak in the Americas. It is somewhat large…

This one is just for fun.

Capable of going pretty much anywhere!

Based on a Volvo Military truck chassis, lengthened a little…

It is a large beast!

Solar panels on top

With a central driving position, so you are always on the correct side of the road! Should you decide to use roads, that is!