Continuum Interior Variations

Motor Yacht Continuum is one of my favourite concept projects, perhaps because it seems a combination of being just realistic enough and also that little bit different. It is also fast, which has an appeal, plus it has been designed inside and out. The collection of images that follow are a number of variations on the interior design for some of the main areas. The idea is to show the same spaces with small variations in detailing, finish etc to help create a variety of ambiences. The original images I made some while back are somewhat dark, and although they have a touch of the chiaroscuro, perhaps too much is hidden, so I do prefer the later versions in this respect, however I do like the material choices. The images labelled original, all have a consistent floor which would be Mahogany, but not as it is normally seen on antique furniture, but rather in the whole variety of hues of this wood. The other images in turn offer versions where the main wood used is Anigre (Figured and not), or Walnut, Birch, Cedar etc.

Dining Room Original version
Dining Room Main salon – Version 1
Dining Room – Main Salon Version 2
Main salon – Original version
Main salon Version 2
Main salon Version 3
Pilothouse salon Original version
Pilothouse Salon version 1
Pilothouse view Aft, original version
Pilothouse Version 2
Master cabin Version 1
Master cabin Version 2
General Arrangement MY Continuum.