Equinox –

Fast Catamaran

Equinox Fast Yacht. 45M- 50 knots

Equinox is a fast motor Catamaran. Jaguar cars used to use an advertising strap-line of Space, Grace and Pace, and in a sense this would suit the equinox 45m very well. Although 45m long, in terms of accommodation, it would be closer to a 60m motor yacht, so plenty of “Space”. At 50 knots, with an Adam Younger stepped hull, probably powered through waterjets, we have taken care of the “Pace” side of things. The “Grace” one is trickier, as it is subjective, but I designed her to look fast even when she was moored, I have kept her profile quite clean and she is purposeful.
She was designed a few years ago now, but I think that a yacht like this one would turn heads wherever she went.

Equinox at speed
Aft deck area. Equinox
Equinox foredeck view
Equinox profile